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UV Light

UV lights are growing in popularity as an easy way to kill germs in your home. At 123 Air Repair, we focus on improving the quality of air in your house and that is why we offer services related to these lights. Since this technology is relatively new, you won’t find many other companies that offer this service and our experience and training ensures that you get the best possible results. We can help you select the ideal UV light system and easily install it for you as well as perform future repairs and maintenance
How The UV Light Works

UV lights are already recommended for use in public settings where air quality is a concern, such as hospitals and food processing plants. Homeowners can also take advantage of these products and it can be especially helpful for those with asthma. The UV light works to fight bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew by attacking their RNA or DNA and breaking them down completely. This reduces the negative effects of asthma as well as allergies in the home.

What We Do – A/C UV Light Installation

We can install UV light systems within the HVAC system itself, specifically in the ducts. This will irradiate the majority of small airborne particles with microorganisms that are typically found flowing through the ducts. Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment to install, maintain, or repair your UV light system. Our expert staff at 123 Air Repair can even give you more information about how the system works.

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