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South Florida A/C Repair

At 123 Air Repair, we understand that your air conditioner doesn’t always break at convenient times. That is why we offer our services all day long to make sure you don’t burn in the summer heat if your air conditioner picks an inconvenient time to break down. If you notice your A/C unit vibrating in unusual ways or making unfamiliar sounds, make an appointment with us to check it out.

Common Issues We Resolve

It is especially common for air conditioners to break during the summer month when they are overworked. This is especially true in areas where the temperatures never seem to drop like Florida. As the weather gets warmer, homeowners and businesses alike tend to crank up the air conditioning. If you aim for the same temperature as you do the rest of the year, your A/C will be under extra pressure and stress. Even units that were properly installed can fail in these conditions, but we can help you avoid the blistering heat.

We have the experience and training necessary to work with all brands and models of air conditioners, meaning that no matter your particular unit, we can take care of the repairs. Since we are licensed and insured, you don’t have to worry about any additional issues.

Why Hire 123 Air Repair for you AC Repair in Sunrise FL?

There are plenty of reasons Florida residents pick us for their air conditioning repair needs. Because we are licensed as well as insured, we give you peace of mind. We also pride ourselves on giving our customers 100 percent satisfaction. Our experience with all models and all day availability means that we are ready to resolve any issue with your air conditioner in as short a time as possible so you stay comfortable all year round. Our technicians are friendly and will offer explanations for the repairs. You can expect respect and high-quality services from us at all times.

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